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The offer is closed. It was filled and oversubscribed with $4.5m raised.

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$4,858,000 raised of $4,000,000

Funding Closed
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Project Summary

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This is the application and summary page, the project website is here:

It gives us great pleasure to announce the opportunity to invest in the development of Tree Creek Estate. The investment combines a simple structure, strong anticipated returns, a short-term investment horizon, an exceptional management team, and a project that delivers affordable land in Queensland’s fastest growing city.

The development is managed by a group of professionals who have a combined experience of well over $2bn in completed property projects across the last two decades.

The investment structure provides funds to develop Tree Creek Estate, a proposed 77 lot subdivision in Goodna, an eastern suburb of Ipswich. The estate is ideally situated on one of the last developable greenfield sites in Goodna and is surrounded by three of the top five fastest growing suburbs in Ipswich. This is especially notable since Ipswich is Queensland’s fastest growing city and forecast to remain so for at least the next two decades. With public and private infrastructure investment at record levels in the region, the government’s own statistical reports refer to growth in the region as ‘remarkable.’

To learn more about Ipswich watch this video
To learn more about the investment watch this video on our homepage.


Investor Overview



Site Overview

- A 77 lot sub division, on 4.7 hectares of land.
- Lots range from 411sqm to 735sqm.
- Surrounded by parks and reserves.
- All major amenities all close by.
- One of the last remaining developable sites in Goodna.

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Suburb Profile

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Area Overview

Tree Creek Estate is located in Goodna, an eastern suburb of Ipswich. It is only 30 mins away from the state capital, Brisbane, by road or rail. It has a bus stop at the entrance and is 3 mins drive to the train station and motorway. The estate has over 36Ha of parks and nature reserves within 1km (easy walking distance), 22 schools within 6km and 15 supermarkets within 7km. With the high demand for affordable housing, Tree Creek Estate is well priced at less than $200,000 a lot.

Ipswich is Queensland’s fastest Growing City and government forecasts who it will remain so for the next two decades. Ipswich City Council reports the population of Ipswich was 208,490 at 31 Dec 2017. The Queensland Government Statisticians Office projects this to rise by ~132% in the next 18 years, to 484,716.

Tree Creek Estate in Goodna is uniquely surrounded by three of the top five fastest growing suburbs in the region: Springfield Lakes, Redbank Plains and Bellbird Park. In 2017 the population of these three suburbs grew by 9.8%, 8.7% and 7.4% per annum respectively. This far exceeds the national population growth rate of 1.6%, or those of Sydney 2.3%, Melbourne 3.2% or Brisbane 1.7%.



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Funding Closed
* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Prospectus before making any decisions

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Hi, Would we get priority access to the blocks